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Student Connectivity for Distance learning

Neducation Management Inc. (Ned) is a not for profit corporation who partners with First Nations entities to enhance student engagement through digital connectivity. Working with school administration and teachers, Ned brings a powerful engagement tool to the classroom to both enable and encourage students to actively participate in their education.


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Today’s Covid -19 environment has placed demands on educators and families to find ways to continue their education when the school environment is closed. Schools are providing loaner devices such as laptops and tablets to students to allow them to complete assignments and connect to video classes but, unfortunately, many students do not have access to the internet in their homes and thus cannot participate in the distance learning opportunities offered by the school. There is a digital divide that must be bridged to allow all students to participate in education opportunities today.

That’s why we created the NEDconnect program.

Working with School divisions NEDconnect provides the student with a NEDconnect Access Point and data plan to provide an LTE wifi hotspot in their home.

  • No setup required. The NEDconnect device is pre-configured to provide Immediate high speed connectivity to the student’s home.
  • Multiple connection capability provides wifi access for all of the students in the home
  • Up to 20 hours of video conferencing
  • Control software provides complete protection from inappropriate internet use for any connection to the wifi.
  • Schools can communicate with the students via the school defined landing page displayed when signing on.
  • School data is used for school purposes only. General internet use is managed through a separate data pool at no cost to the school 1

The NEDconnect program includes:

  • NEDconnect Access Point device
  • 10 GB Monthly High speed Data Allocation (data speed is reduced after 10 GB)
  • White list / Black list control of accessible internet sites
  • Multi connection hotspot for multiple students in one household

The NEDconnect program is a non-recourse program. NED assumes all responsibility for data over charges and thus protects the school, the student and the family from any unanticipated costs.

1 General internet access data can be purchased by the family via the website

NEDconnect can help with

  • Ensuring that all students have access to online learning materials, regardless of remote location or socio-economic factors
  • Enhanced safety for students who lack access to wi-fi

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